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1800 - 1900             --1850  U.S. population  23,191,876                 6.11 persons/sq mi

1900 - 2000                 1950 U.S. population 151,325,798      -     39.88 persons/sq mi
1700 -1800                           1750 U.S. population          1,170,760                   .       0.31 persons/sq mi
2014  U.S. population 319,000,000         84.07 persons/sq mi
2100  U.S. population 1,000,000,000        263.54 persons/sq mi

It's doubtful that many viewers will take seriously most, if any, of the material in this website.  So long as mainstream Americans can continue their feel-good fantasy lifestyles, relentlessly promoted 24/7 by Hollywood and their media and political allies as being "cool", why ruin their day with doses of reality?  So, if you’re one of those zombies conditioned to think that there’s no tomorrow and that economic and population growth can continue forever, go to the thousands of websites designed to keep you happy and ignorant.  For the few who ARE sincerely concerned about the most important issue of our lifetimes – unchecked population growth -- and who can see the "population bomb" effects that are already occurring in contemporary society -- we welcome your comments.
Unchecked population growth is the most Important Issue of our lifetimes and needs to be addressed NOW! If you agree, read on because you care; then, tell us how  YOU see the overpopulation disaster that's coming.  If you don't agree, read on and tell us why  unchecked population growth is not at all a problem to you.     








2100  U.S. population 1,000,000,000        263.54 persons/sq mi








































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This website ... attempts to look at political, economic and social events that are manifestations of the overcrowding problem, through realistic eyes, and not through rose-colored glasses.  Tell us about what YOU see happening around you because of the exploding U.S. and world population.



Here are ... some comments by concerned viewers.  












































































































































































































































Railroad Graffiti

As an occasional railroad fan, I recently viewed some railroad videos from a few years back.  The experience was striking.  The trains had not been defaced by Graffiti!. 

Contrast this with today's trains.  Nowadays, it's a minor miracle if you see any freights without end to end graffiti! 







Oh, yeah.  The perpetrators of this crap call it art.   It used to be called vandalism against private property -- in this case, Southern Pacific Railroad.
















Entrenched Financial Interests vs the Masses

There is a vicious battle going on between entrenched financial interests -- whose income and lifestyles depend upon ever-expanding WORLDWIDE economic, i.e. population, growth, who are resisting, and are going to continue to resist, any and all efforts to do anything to change their privileged lifestyles -- and the mainstream populace.  These include almost all U.S. legislators at all levels.  With approximately 40,000 registered lobbyists in Washington telling them what to do (and threatening to withhold their financial support if they don't), it's just too much to expect of them to stop infighting among themselves, to retain their own power, and seriously address the reality of an overcrowding crisis that affects everyone.  President Kennedy's famous admonition to:  ”Ask not what your Country can do for you but, rather, what you can do for your Country.” may be a popular cliche' among the troops but it clearly doesn't apply to legislators.


A Dysfunctional Political System

Realistically, it's wishful thinking to expect that any kind of meaningful solutions can ever come out of a dysfunctional political system that runs more on self-interest than any real concern for the general populace.  Owing to conflicts-of-interest fueled by ubiquitous greed and hypocrisy, efforts by concerned organizations to work within "The System" are doomed to fail.  It's going to take an unprecedented disaster -- natural or man-made -- to change things.  Sooner or later, a worldwide pandemic of some nearly-always-fatal disease, or a thermonuclear war, will occur.  When it happens, I sincerely hope that the husbands, wives, children, grandchildren, girlfriends, boyfriends, lovers and mistresses  of these dysfunctional policy makers die a quick and painless death, without too much suffering -- as they prematurely die young -- because no one listened to the population scientists' warnings.  

Everyone  ... somehow can intuitively “feel” that the quality of life in modern society is rapidly deteriorating -- more and larger traffic jams, graffiti, demonstrations, drugs, gang violence, fewer and fewer jobs, more and more homeless persons, aggravating waits at the DMV, ubiquitous and flagrant illegal immigration, the "pump and dump" con games that have become mainstream Wall Street strategies, the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, etc. -- despite constant misleading assurances by “leaders” and their media allies that things have never been better (never-ending repetitive cliche's are also known as propaganda.)  If you don't have a "Good Morning America" smile glued onto your face 24/7/365, there must be something seriously wrong with you [as the song says: Don't worry; be happy!]  



It’s obvious ... to any competent authority that the scientific and sociological consequences of unchecked population growth clearly are showing themselves more and more frequently.  Although these have been studied to death, only relatively feeble attempts have been made to make society aware, on a worldwide basis, of the disaster that’s coming.  Furthermore, even though numerous organizations are trying to make the public aware of the dangers of unchecked population growth, very few of the public are listening; worse, even fewer policy makers are trying to do anything about it.

Until now ...the U.S. has been able to sweep most of its social ills "under the rug" by feel-good measures that essentially demonize and even criminalize the homeless, the unemployed, the mentally ill and other non-politically-connected groups that can easily be scapegoated.  Pretend that the problems don't exist.  Just shove these people out of sight into the unseen ghettos of "skid row" and, instantly, all our problems are fixed.  After all, that's the American way!  Isn't it?  

Until now ... it's still somewhat possible to "get away from it all" and escape to a few remaining wilderness areas -- if you can put up with the trauma of getting there;  if you can tolerate those aggravating security checks at airports; gridlocked urban roads and even busy Interstates.  (If you're lucky, you can struggle your way out of most major cities in about 2 hours of crawling through traffic just to get to the Interstate -- which itself is crowded!)  And don't forget to make your National Park campsite reservations a year in advance!  

All the while ...gutless politicians and everyone else feeding at the public trough keep appeasing their financial backers by relentlessly promoting pro-economic growth and population policies -- especially unchecked  immigration -- that are destroying the Nation. 

In the short term ... these "instant fixes" may appear positive, but wait until the population grows to the point where all the demonized groups become mainstream and the problems can't be hidden any more; and when the remaining wilderness areas are overrun with hordes of un-happy campers!

Read on ... if you're sincerely concerned about the future of a  "1984 Big' Brother"-style U.S. -- where there will be no such thing as solitude and privacy, where it will be impossible to "get away from it all"; where people will congregate in hordes, not isolated groups ; where homelessness, unemployment and hard drug usage will be mainstream; and where streets will resemble one giant flea market of vendors hawking any and every kind of junk imaginable.



File:New York City Gridlock.jpg

Whatever Happened to Zero Population Growth?

Cutting-edge new technologies, amazing beyond current imagination as they may be, cannot be counted on to bail out mankind -- simply because history tells us that they will always be used first to further leverage the advantages of the haves over the have-nots.  Even assuming that new miraculous technologies to extend life indefinitely may be coming, it's still a losing game:  So long as population growth is not controlled, more and more new technologies will continually need to be discovered to keep a few small steps ahead of the destructive effects of more and more overcrowding.    There's only ONE solution to save mankind from certain disaster:  WORLDWIDE ZERO, OR EVEN NEGATIVE, POPULATION GROWTH!  Pro-growth propagandists who think otherwise are simply total fools.
















As a concerned California resident, this post was originally written as a letter aimed at pointing out the catastrophic effect upon California’s quality of life -- especially the younger generation -- if massive pro-growth projects like the High Speed Rail are allowed to proceed with impunity.  It also applies to ALL massive development proposals, such as the assault on Big Tujunga Canyon by the Canyon Park Homes project, not just in California, but in the entire U.S.  It’s time for concerned citizens to take a stand against NATIONWIDE FLAGRANT DESTRUCTION of our beautiful country by reckless developers and their political allies.  If you care about the future for your children and their offspring, please take the time to read this.

With its magnificent mountains, rivers, lakes, deserts, and coastline, California at one time could rightfully claim its place among the world’s most beautiful and desirable places to live.  Over the years, I have painfully seen massive population growth and battle after battle between concerned residents, who value California’s desirability as the place of choice to live, and reckless, irresponsible developers who have destroyed much of the state’s natural wonders by what I call ”creeping growth.”

In my opinion, the HSR proposal is a terrible idea that will only accelerate California’s race to the bottom of the quality of life barrel from a “creeping growth” pace to “bullet train” speeds.

The HSR concept has been sold to the public as a necessary futuristic transportation system to connect San Francisco to Los Angeles and beyond in a convenient and environmentally-friendly manner.  The truth of the matter is that, far from being necessary and environmentally-friendly, it is really about building out new cities in the Central Valley to accommodate the projected huge increase in California’s population in the near and far future. Many large areas of undeveloped land where people can now still go to enjoy open space have already been purchased by real estate developers, many from out of state. How are these developers going to deal with the fact that California’s Central Valley is trying to cope with long-term severe water shortages? This severe drought is not predicted to “go away” by any competent scientist. How can there be new city development rationally planned by anyone  when the basic need for water cannot be fulfilled?

What has happened to the quality of life in California? 

Depending upon whose numbers you believe, the state already has dropped to a rank of mediocre, at best, in education quality. With a few fortunate exceptions, most of the state’s 38 million or so residents crammed into the desirable living areas are already plagued by wall-to-wall shopping centers, wall-to-wall housing developments, gridlocked freeways, ubiquitous traffic jams, graffiti, demonstrations, drug-use, gang violence, fewer and fewer jobs, more and more homelessness, aggravating waits at the DMV, massive and flagrant illegal immigration, the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, etc.  High-speed freeway chases and hit-and-runs seem to have become the latest pastimes of choice. Clearly, to any competent authority, these are effects of overcrowding and need to be addressed now -- and not kicked down the road until the current crop of politicians is safely out of office. Unchecked population growth is the most important issue of our lifetimes.  Unless drastic changes are made to deal with these issues, quality of life is certain to deteriorate rapidly.

The U.S. population is forecasted to nearly double from the current approx. 319 million to 600 million in only 30 years -- and then to almost 1 billion (!) by the year 2100.  California’s population can be assumed to grow proportionately. Almost everyone born after the Baby Boomers era (plus their offspring) could still be living in 2100 and will need to compete with many more people than they do today for jobs and basic living necessities.  Can any of today’s parents be comfortable with the knowledge that their children’s struggles will be even more difficult than theirs?

Does anyone remember “The Population Bomb” of 40 years ago?  Soothing clichés such as: “Growth is good”, “You can’t stop progress”, “We’ll get through these temporary problems”, “Things will only get better in the future”, etc. by political “leaders” may have worked 40 years ago, but this time around, with a much larger U.S. population -- not just California -- policy makers had better become rational and responsible before the population bomb explodes in their faces. Make no mistake, everyone will be negatively affected – except, of course, those individuals whose lack of forethought caused it to happen; they will have protected themselves beforehand.

The intent of this letter is not to debate whether growth is good or bad.  I only want to describe what I’ve seen happen in my lifetime.

When I was a young man fresh out of college many years ago and the U.S. population was approximately 160,000,000, a person would apply for a job at a company or with government, got a timely interview and, most of the time, a job offer. Multiple job offers with companies competing in both salary and perks were the norm, not the exception. In sharp contrast, last year Goldman Sachs had 267,000 applicants for 8300 jobs.  There are many other examples where 10,000 to 50,000 applicants apply for a handful of even temporary jobs. One can’t even begin to imagine the devastation and frustration that must be felt by job seekers when they can’t get a job after sending out hundreds or even thousands of resumes.

A recent report entitled “The Millennial Generation Research Review” from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation concludes that:

● “Nearly half of Millennials feel they may be worse off than their parents [the first generation to feel so.]” 

● “Health trends indicate that Millennials could be the first generation in over a century to see their lifespan level off and even decline, with obesity becoming epidemic.”

 ● “Further, sixty-six percent of Millennials say they have lowered their expectations [of being promoted.]” 

Despite these negative observations, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation website steadfastly declares that it “is dedicated to promoting initiatives that grow our nation's economy.”

Not surprisingly, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation enthusiastically promotes through nationwide tours their self-serving one-sided views such as “The Growth Imperative: How Slow Growth Threatens Our Future and the American Dream.”

According to the Chamber’s view, economic growth should bring with it unparalleled positive effects on quality of life with promises of unlimited career opportunities, limitless choice of jobs for everyone, happiness for all and everything else the PR people can dream up.  Instead, from the U.S. Chamber’s own findings, what young people actually got was: 

● “Once Millennials understand and experience firsthand the severely restricted job market, they are forced to compromise their anticipation of landing that perfect job.”  

● “34% have boomeranged back to living with their parents and perhaps have taken an unpaid job to gain work experience.” 

This is a far cry from the “multiple job offers and companies competing salary- and perks-wise with each other.” that I enjoyed in my youth!

And how about this quote from the Chamber report: “All agree it’s much harder to be a young adult today than it was even just a generation ago.”

Why should it be much harder to be a young adult today than it was only one generation ago?  Then and now our business and elected “leaders” with their hordes of ”expert” economists and media allies have always assured us that prosperity is linked to incessant growth as measured by the number of houses built, number of cars manufactured, miles of freeways built, number of televisions sold, how much holiday retail sales increased over the last season, etc.?

Isn’t the whole concept of the “American Dream” so relentlessly promoted by pro-growth interests based on the promise that successive generations would always have it better than their parents? It is no wonder that Millennials feel as negatively as they do about the prospects for a positive future, given that the promises made as they were growing up have not been delivered.

The point I am trying to make is that relentless growth policies have NOT led to an increased quality of life, but instead, have had the exact opposite effect.

Is this the legacy that we as a society want to leave for the younger generation? Well, that is what your children and their children can expect if the HSR becomes a reality. And….keep in mind, the earlier brief mention of the serious water shortage does not discuss the explosion of the problem when the population increases. And….. there are some parts of California, where development was previously approved, that now have no water because of the extended drought that many were sure would never happen.

It is time to think rationally about everything as a whole, not to think of every issue as standalone. It is time to think about the future consequences of bad decisions made today. Whether one thinks of the enjoyable open spaces of its diverse natural landscape, its State and National Parks, the predictability of the drought issues, and those issues mentioned here and not mentioned here, the HSR project is the worst political decision imaginable for the future of California.






































































































































































































Don't Worry; Be Happy!







When I was a young man fresh out of college many years ago, a person would apply for a job at a company or with government, got a timely interview and, most of the time, a job offer. Multiple job offers and companies competing salary- and perks-wise with each other were the norm, not the exception. Nowadays, I can’t even begin to imagine the devastation and frustration that must be felt by job seekers when they can’t get a job after sending out hundreds or even thousands of resumes. There’s something seriously wrong when, for example, 10,000- up to as many as 50,000- applicants apply for a handful of temporary jobs. In the meantime, our elected ”leaders” and their media allies reassure us that they’re getting us out of the high-unemployment mess. The adults in the room, however, understand that high unemployment is a natural result of overpopulation; is here to stay, and policy makers had better start paying more than lip service to the unemployment effects of the coming population bomb.  “Don’t worry, be happy!" is not going to cut it for much longer.

Treasury Secretary Lew's Position on Immigration Reform







On Bloomberg TV this morning (July 3, 2013) Treasury Secretary Lew remarked that: “Immigration reform would create a new wave of consumers.” Direct Quote!  Thank you   Sec. Lew for vindicating my claim that the real reason for all the sudden immigration reform haste is to bail out ASAP the banks, real estate people and all the other businesses that over-expanded during the Baby Boom bubble. See my earlier post: 

Reply to Treasury Secretary Lew's Position on Immigration Reform


















What Treasury Sec. Lew failed to mention was that along with the new wave of consumers come all the problems of overcrowding: crime, diseases, traffic jams, smog, depletion of natural resources, high unemployment, water shortages, etc. Take a ride along Interstate 5 in California's San Joaquin Valley and look at all the signs posted by farmers whining because their subsidized cheap water is coming to an end -- a clear example of  present and future political battles over competition for California's limited water resources. 







 If you farmers think that you have water problems now, when the population of California is "only" approx. 38 million (plus who knows how many million illegals), just wait until the population reaches 150 million!

Labor Secretary Perez' Position on Immigration Reform






On Nov 8, 2013, Bloomberg Business reported that Sec. of Labor Perez belched out an incredulous party-line statement supporting more growth as the solution to the U.S.’s economic and social problems. If this was intended to reinforce the Obama Administration's  "Anybody and anything goes." immigration policy, you can count on the U.S. turning into a Third World cesspool of crime and drugs in only a few years!

One Billion could happen during YOUR lifetime






Recently I chanced upon some frightening statistics. The US population grew by 76 million in the first half of the 20th Century, and it grew by 130 million in the final half. That is nearly DOUBLE the growth in a mere 50 years. Moreover, at this rate the US could reach 900 million by the year 2100... and from there to One Billion Americans is a tiny step with major consequences. With improved healthcare comes greater longevity. Almost everyone born after the Baby Boomers era (plus their offspring) could still be living in 2100, and each one will require places to live and work. Paved subdivisions, paved lots for vehicles, and paved roads to join them will substantially reduce the amount of available farmland. Even with GMO crops and Frankenfoods, depleted soil still becomes less productive. In times of shortages and hunger, do YOU want to compete for food with your grandchildren? Meanwhile, every other nation on Earth is expanding as well. If you think the US birthrate is out of control, take a look at our neighbors; not to mention China, India, and Japan. All resources are finite, and those fortunate enough to control them may become unwilling to sell. (Think oil, for starters.) Are we doomed? I think not, provided we make changes NOW and prepare for the changes to come. Much can still be done on an individual basis. Moving Government entities is much more difficult; but hopefully not yet impossible. I do have many opinions, and a few suggestions. If anyone indicates interest I am willing to share and discuss. But like the original Cassandra (to whom nobody listened) if nobody is listening I shall go my own way and strive to make my loved ones safe.

A U.S. in 2100







Last night, I happened to tune in a television program where the topic was what might happen if mankind continues on its present unchecked growth trajectory. I believe, but I’m not certain, that it was one of the History channels. I think that it was entitled Earth 2100.  The producers gave a doomsday scenario wherein society eventually falls apart due to a deadly virus, global warming, sea level rise, and other such fiction manufactured by politicians, their media allies and Hollywood all desperate to stay relevant.

The History channels are generally full of factual errors. Throw in plenty of political propaganda and you can’t place too much reliance on the content. However, the gist of this program was that disaster will occur by the year 2081. Okay. I’ll give the producers the benefit of doubt, even though I would project a different scenario.

What caught my immediate attention, however, was the alternative non-doomsday scenario prophesied for 2100 where they pointed out that energy conservation, technologies such as stackable autos to save space, electric cars, solar arrays, windmills and other such nonsensical 19th and early 20th Century schemes could save mankind.  Three points immediately stand out:  First, none of the serious energy production technologies (I define serious energy production technologies as those where energy is produced in a highly concentrated form and not diffusely spread out) such as controlled thermonuclear plasma fusion or focused satellite solar energy transmission was even mentioned;  Second, every one of the ”Save Mankind” schemes neglects unchecked population growth and, in fact, they all are technologies that will actually ENCOURAGE  population growth!!!! ; and, Third, these energy conservation policies will lead to a lowered standard of living.

There is only ONE policy that can save mankind; but as usual, political correctness rules, and no one has the testicles to spell it out: “Stop Having All Those Kids!”  Not only should Zero Population Growth become Global policy, its message should be shouted from the rooftops, in full page newspaper ads, ubiquitous TV ads, in email spam instead of those annoying Viagra ads, etc.  Maybe someone reading this post can start an email spam chain with the message: STOP HAVING ALL THOSE KIDS!!!! 

Mankind needs a Manhattan Project-type all out war on unchecked population growth starting NOW!

Re: One Billion could happen during YOUR lifetime







Thank you Cassandra. What an excellent, insightful post!   Most affected people can relate to the degradation of the quality of life that accompanies unchecked population growth.  What people don't understand -- or bury their heads in the sand out of fear of losing their jobs and current high standard of living -- is why the governments of developed countries allow, and even encourage, perpetual expansion. 

Here's why unchecked growth is happening in the U.S. 

The whole immigration issue has been portrayed as how the US needs immigrants, legal and otherwise, as workers. This is not at all the case. The real reason is that the economic system needs immigrants as consumers -- not as workers -- because the Baby Boomers are starting to die off and all the expansion bubbles of the Boomer Era are now at risk. It's a smokescreen for the GROW, GROW, GROW policy that the economic system needs to exist in its current form. With a near-stagnant population, who's going to buy all those overbuilt houses; fill all those overbuilt shopping centers;  keep opening bank accounts at all those overbuilt banks; buy all those overbuilt cars;  go to all those overbuilt restaurants?

The easy solution is to flood the US with ANYBODY, so long as they SPEND, SPEND, SPEND!   QUALITY OF LIFE BE DAMNED!   The hard solution is to modify the system so that it doesn’t demand perpetual growth  to keep itself viable.

The US has a current population of approx 319 million -- with hyper-expansion planned through massive immigration and amnesty-for-illegals policies.   Do YOU want to live in this country when the population reaches 600 million or even 1 billion -- OR MORE(!) – like China and India?  I sure as hell don’t!  Whatever happened to ZERO POPULATION GROWTH?  No one listened! That's what happened! Unchecked population growth is a very serious issue, and this time around  with a much larger world population than 50 years ago, policy makers had better damned well do something before the population bomb explodes in their faces.

San Francisco Bay Area Traffic Gridlock

A few weeks ago, three of us decided to take a trout fishing trip to the Feather River country of Northern California. I would leave first and meet my stepson and stepgrandson at the designated campsite. They were to leave work early on Friday and meet me at approx.7:00 PM.  Well, when they never showed at 11:00 PM I began to really worry:  Did they get into an accident; did they run off a cliff on the winding Hwy 70 at night? And other such unpleasant thoughts.








They finally arrived at 3: AM.  When I told them that we wanted to be on the water fishing at daybreak (5 AM), the suggestion went over like a lead balloon.  As it turned out, they had in fact left at 3:00 PM but got stuck in gridlocked traffic because of a Giants game. After struggling for over an hour trying just to get through San Francisco from the Peninsula, they did the right thing; turned back and waited until 11:00 PM to leave.  From there on, it was smooth driving for the 4 hrs to the Feather River.

This kind of gridlock is not an isolated experience or a scenario for a  future San Francisco!  It's an everyday occurrence happening NOW!   Despite the obvious creeping degradation of the quality of life, the pro-growth lunatics are planning for, and even looking forward to, 2 million more newcomers to the Bay Area in the near future -- with self-reinforcing cliche's such as "You can't stop progress", "Growth is inevitable", etc.  Just what California needs--even more lowering of the quality of life in a city that used to be one of the most livable in the country!  Sad to say, it ain't any more!!

Comments on Immigration by Archbishop Jose Gomez







Archbishop Jose Gomez recently regurgitated on Los Angeles television station KABC the well-worn cliche' how the U.S. has always been a nation of immigrants who have contributed greatly to the economic strength of the Country. Sorry, Archbishop, that may have been in fact the situation 150 years, ago but it’s not the case today.

200 years ago the U.S. was primarily wilderness -- with a small population -- and there was plenty of room for westward expansion. Today, with a population of 319 million, the desirable living places are nearly all gone and westward expansion has reached the Pacific Ocean. There’s not much premium room left for new immigrants. Most immigrants do NOT start highly successful businesses that contribute significantly to the economy. How can they?  Most are uneducated and struggle to eke out a lower middle class existence. Uneducated people-- not just immigrants -- open restaurants, do menial work, join gangs,  and pollute the streets with crime, graffiti and food trucks. This is why the once great cities are turning into cesspools of violence and indifference. Think Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc. The Apples, Googles, Microsofts and other major companies are the exception and not the norm.

The effects of overcrowding – all the evils of contemporary society and knee-jerk band-aid fixes --are clear to anyone who cares about the future of the U.S.  As an enlightened ex-Catholic, I am disgusted that scientifically ignorant people like Archbishop Gomez and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church do not!  If they did, they would support a zero population growth policy instead of the insane self-serving unchecked population expansion policy that’s going to lead to certain disaster. The Catholic Church (like all other churches) is just another business whose purpose is to sell a product (eternal salvation) to customers (parishioners.)  Like any business, churches need to keep the customers coming to remain viable!  To them, that means GROW, BABY, GROW  (as in BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY, i.e., KEEP HAVING THOSE KIDS, KEEP HAVING THOSE KIDS!)

Another point Archbishop Gomez conveniently ignores is that 150 years ago there was no institutionalized welfare system. Nowadays, uneducated and illiterate immigrants are a huge drain on the economy--and the situation will get a lot worse -- before (if) it ever gets better-- as they flood into the U.S. unchecked..

Archbishop: You are from Mexico City. Do you really want Los Angeles and the rest of the U.S. to grow into extensions of the slums of Mexico City?  Quite honestly, I don't think you or the Catholic Church give a damn so long as you and the Church hierarchy can remain shielded from the effects of overcrowding because of privileged lifestyles!   However, be aware: There IS going to come a day of reckoning for all these unrelenting pro-growth policies. Let’s hope that you, and the Catholic Church hierarchy, shape up before unchecked population growth destroys YOUR privileged lifestyles directly.   The U.S. is well on its way to becoming a Third World nation!

Ford Motor Co. Chairman’s Comments on Coming Gridlock

On Bloomberg Business Television Sept.8, 2014, Bill Ford, Chairman of Ford Motor Co. was quoted as saying that: 

(1)   Cars may not be the answer as the population grows; and                                    

(2)   Gridlock may be reaching a breaking point in the future.








 Really?  You ain’t seen nothing yet!  Wait until the population of the U.S. doubles in only 30 years and then reaches ONE BILLION by 2100.

Notice that he said nothing about attacking the real issue – unsustainable population growth.

Re: One Billion could happen during YOUR lifetime






Most people today think that they are much smarter and forward thinking than those who were writing and thinking about our world fifty or sixty years ago. However, then "population explosion" and "zero population growth" were phrases and concerns of the day. That was a more introspective and humanitarian time. Drug use and violence were not as common as today and people had time to think about the results of their actions. Today, the books of that era are again becoming popular. Try reading: "Atlas Shrugged", "1984", and others I have not mentioned. People, then, used to stress thinking and consequences of their actions. Today, people do what they see on television, the violent movies, and of course the most irresponsible part of the internet. If people were taught to think things through to consequences of their actions, much would be different, and unchecked population would not be an issue.


I live in California and just returned from a few days of trout fishing in the northern Sierras Feather River area.

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) runs a lot of hydropower plants in the Feather River Canyon and opens much of the land to the public for fishing, hunting, hiking, etc. I did not see a single graffiti desecration of that beautiful country. It's clear that they are not going to let criminal illegals destroy their properties.  Good for you, PG&E!







While I was fishing, I had a chance to contemplate that what REALLY would have an impact upon the future of the U.S. would be a NATIONWIDE effort to rid it of ALL graffiti. AN ALL OUT WAR ON GRAFFITI! Think what the U.S. would be like undesecrated.  People might even want to live in urban America once again!

Are there any politicians out there with the testicles to pick up on the idea? I think not!

By the way, fishing was excellent with a mix of rainbows of all sizes!